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6 Facts You May Have Not Known About Lead & Lead Inspections

Lead is one of the most popular elements on the periodic table. Lead has been seen in a negative light for some years now, but little do many know lead has been used for TOUSANDS of years. The characteristics of lead are: soft, low melting point, not as easy to corrode, easy to mold and or shape and is VERY useful. The extraction of lead is easy and relative cheap when compared to most metals. Below are 6 facts you may have not known about lead.

1. Lead Characteristics

Lead is extracted from galena or lead sulfide, again very easy to extract. The melting point of lead is 621.4 degrees F. The melting point for STEEL is 2500-2800 and pure iron 1535 degrees C. Melting lead is as easy as starting a fire and throwing the lead in the hot ashes. In comparison to other metals, lead has a significantly lower melting point. Making lead easy to manipulate.