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Asbestos Testing Albany NY 

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Asbestos although not used as much today in building materials can be present in older homes. Materials such as flooring, roofing, insulation, siding and many other building materials may contain asbestos. 

In order to determine if Asbestos is present asbestos sampling should be performed. If you plan on renovating your home, removing building materials through the means of demolition you should have all building materials that are going to be disturbed tested.

Air borne asbestos fibers can be a health hazard. 

We offer Asbestos Testing in Albany NY (Hudson NY to Saratoga NY) 


Asbestos can be hazardous to your health when the substance becomes air borne. Asbestos can be found in structures located in and around Albany NY. Asbestos can be found on wall/ceiling covering such as plaster, paneling, mastic, ceiling tiles, tile flooring, insulation (attic, walls, plumbing lines, hvac duct), concrete, roof covering and or roof vapor barriers. Asbestos can be found in almost every building material that were used to construct homes, commercial structures, industrial structures, barns, sheds, garages and more. 


Why is it important to have asbestos testing done? 


There are many reasons to have asbestos sampling performed. A building material that contains asbestos may not be a hazard IF the building material is in perfect shape and you do not plan to disturb the building material that contains asbestos.


As a home owner you may not plan on disturbing the material that is suspect to contain asbestos. But, you may need to disturb building materials for future upgrades. For example you may want to install new lighting which entails disturbing attic insulation and the ceiling covering. If those materials contain asbestos it can be VERY costly to hire a licensed asbestos contractor to install those upgrades.


A contractor cannot disturb ANY suspect material unless they are licensed asbestos contractors. The cost for simple upgrades can be VERY costly. 


Additionally as a home owner or investor you may have to address repairs and or general maintenace on building materials that may contain asbestos. For example, a roof leak may saturate the attic insulation and or ceiling which may contain asbestos.    

A basement may flood with floor tiles that contain asbestos or plumbing lines may break that contain asbestos insulation. 


The process of asbestos sampling in Albany NY


An evaluation of the structure will be performed during the asbestos survey. Our asbestos inspector may ask many questions regarding the age of structure, upgrades that were performed, review permits and or architectural plans. 


The scope of testing is determined by the scope of work you may be performing, meet local building departments/NYS requirements for demolition of a structure. Typically 2” x 2” asbestos samples are extracted during the asbestos sampling process, shipped to a lab and processed for asbestos sampling. Once we receive the asbestos sampling results we will provide a report that states what materials contain asbestos and the location of the asbestos containing material. 


The asbestos reports are emailed once received. We are always here to answer all of your asbestos related questions. 


Call us today for an asbestos inspection and asbestos sampling/testing services !


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