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Heating Systems


What does a Home Inspection of the Roof Components consist of?

  • the roof covering (slate, asphalt, rubber, shingles, tile etc.)

  • the gutters and drip edge

  • the Flashing, vents, Skylights

  • the roof penetrations, plumbing vents, chimney exterior , exhaust, skylights

  • the general structure of the roof 


What does a Home inspection of the Basement, Foundation & Crawlspace consist of?

  •  the foundation, basement & crawlspace

  •  visible structural components; Including load bearing walls, supports, rafters

  •  and report present water penetration or seepage, grading issues and explore for; 

  •  for wood/ sheathing in contact or near soil reporting condition of wood components in contact

  •  and report foundation movement, shifting and bowing visible to the home inspector, including, but not limited to additional: shifting, doorway settling, cracks in sheet rock plaster, foundation walls including but not limited to poured concrete, cinder blocks, brick, slate etc 

  • report on any excessive notching, cutting, boring and alteration of framing members that may indicate current or future structural issues

What does a Home Inspection of the Structural components of the home consist of?

  • Inspect the overall structure of the home including the footings, foundations, basement structural, joists, rafters, bearing walls, post and beam and overall structural condition of the home

What does a Home Inspection of the Electrical system consist of?

  • entry point of service line;

  • the connect/disconnecting the service main and associated components;

  • identify amperage

  • breaker type

  • report on open slots, rust and overall condition of the panel

  • check grounding and bonding

  • electrical outlets, gfi, fixtures 

  • report on non traditional electrical material or methods

  • test a representative number of outlets

  • and report the absence of smoke detectors & CO2 Detectors &

  • Inspector the main service wire

What does a Home Inspection of the Heating System consist of?

  •  operate and observe the heating system, describe heating system and fuel type,

  •  and report any components that are deficient or may be in need of repair

  •  and report if the heating system or heating system components that are not accessible 

  • Inspect the system as a whole and report on maintenance issues 

What does a Home Inspection of the Cooling System consist of?

  •  operate (If conditions allow) the cooling system and inspect for defects

  •  and report any repairs that are needed or may be needed

  •  Inspect accessible components and observe, report and document

What does a Home Inspection of the Plumbing System consist of?

  • inspect and Identify water source

  • locate main shut off valve and inspect condition;

  • Inspect the water heater system as a whole including vents, energy source, connections, pressure relief valves, flue pipe connections, presence of drip legs, inspect presence of visible leaks, discharge areas 

  • water-test tubs, showers, sinks and all water fixtures and inspect drainage;

  • inspect the general drainage, waste stack and all associated components 

  • inspect sump pumps and associated components;

  • inspect and report on cosmetic components of kitchen and bathroom including but not limited too flooring, walls, ceiling and inspect for the presence of new or old leaks 

What does a Home Inspection of the Exterior consist of?

  • inspect and report on the condition of the flashing, siding, trim

  • all exterior soffits, fascia, steps, railings, porches, decks, balconies, guard rails, columns and all associated supports, posts, materials and framing members

  • Windows, trim, window plate, water tightness

  •  surface drainage and vegetation 


What does a Home inspection of Doors, Windows and Interior & Misc components consist of?

  • inspect doors, windows and interior coverings noting all defects 

  • inspect all visible walls, steps, ceilings, floors, stairways, landings and railings noting any safety concerns or defects;

  • inspect attached garage and all components including the garage door, reverse sensors, fire doors or lack of, rafters (exposed) sheathing of roof (if underlayment exposed)

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The Home Inspection

Shield Guard Home Inspections takes pride in providing the most extensive home inspections. We offer the most comprehensive and maticulous home inspections in Upstate New York. Our reports are detailed and worded for the average home buyer to comprehend. We take the time and patience to explain the possible issues that a home may have and make sure you truly understand the issues at hand.

When inspecting your home, there are hundreds of items that we inspect. We leave no stone un-turned. Below are just a few of the many items included on your home inspection.

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