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Shield Guard Home Inspections Provides Sewer Scope Inspections 

Sewer Scope Inspections

The Main sewage line probably isn’t something most of us think about, unless problems arise. However, it is a critical component of the home that if compromised can leave the home uninhabitable.  Although the sewer line is not visible, buried deep underground, it is the main pipe sewage and gray water pass through as the sewage enters the city drain and or septic tank. If compromised an obstruction in the main sewer line can lead to sewage backup within the structure. 

Most buyers are concerned about the "major" issues for example the roof system, heating system, foundation, structural and so on. As these systems, if they fail can be costly. The same costs associated with a sewer line replacement are just as much if not more than a roof replacement. In some instances, to avoid repair costs, sellers and or owners will have the main sewer line cleaned prior to the inspection. The basic home inspection that consists of running all fixtures and checking the drainage rate will not catch issues with the main drain if the owner just had the sewer line serviced.

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The repairs associated with the main sewer line are just as much as any other major system within the home. In order to replace a sewer line from the foundation to the street a contractor must excavate the land, driveways, walkways, and streets that are located above the sewer line which can cost thousands. The main sewer line replacement in an inner-city area that runs approximately 10ft from the home to the street can cost in upwards to $8,000- 15,000. Sewer lines that are on a septic system may cost more as the septic tank may be located 20-30ft away from the house. 

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