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Air Duct Cleaning and Why It’s Important

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Having clean air circulating in your home is important to your health. Over time the air ducts of your heating and cooling system accumulate everything from dust mites and pet dander to pollen, mold, and pest droppings. Daily use of the HAVC system circulates these contaminants through the air, which can be a problem for people suffering from allergies, respiratory issues, or autoimmune conditions. Fortunately, having a professional duct cleaning will help prevent this.

Besides improving air quality, clean HVAC ducts will reduce the risk of mold growth and help eliminate bad odors. Ductwork servicing can also improve energy efficiency and the life of your system, which will save you money.

Why should you clean your ducts?

Air pollution is mostly associated with outdoor pollution, but indoor pollution can be equally harmful. Research indicates that indoor pollution can be significantly worse due to the lack of quality air circulation. In light of the fact that most people spend 90% of their time indoors, keeping ducts clean will help you breathe easier and protect your home.

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Benefits of air duct cleaning

Here are just a few benefits of having a professional clean your air ducts.


  1. Improves living environment. If your HVAC ducts are dirty, dust particles not only flow through the air you breathe, but land on furnishings, walls, and floors too. Having those airways cleaned can help reduce chores and give you a cleaner, healthier home.

  2. Removes unpleasant odors. Several factors contribute to air duct odors, such as cleaning agents, mold, smoke, and even food smells. Whenever the heat or air runs, these odors permeate throughout the house. The accumulation of dust and dirt can also lead to musty odors. Clean air ducts remove these things so you can enjoy fresher air in your home.

  3. Keeps your home safe. When dirt and lint accumulate in the duct system, it increases the risk of fire. The potential for this is even higher if you heat your home with propane.

  4. Increases HVAC efficiency. The buildup of dust and grime in ductwork and registers make an HVAC system work harder to push the air through. Having your ducts cleaned regularly enables the system to work efficiently and cost-effectively.


Whether you prefer to focus on just a few ducts or need a complete HVAC duct cleaning, our experts are here to assist. Our thorough cleaning process involves removing debris with a vacuum and brush, finishing with a cleaning disinfectant solution. 


Shieldguard inspections have been serving residents and business owners in the Albany area for more than a decade, so you can be assured you’ll receive top-notch treatment. Contact us today at (518) 649-9111 to schedule an appointment for your HVAC duct cleaning.

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