We are open for Home Inspections Monday- Friday 9 am, 1 pm & 4 pm. We may be able to accommodate other time slots/later afternoon appoints. Please give us a call or text us to discuss other appointment options.

Our most popular Home Inspections Services are available online with just a few clicks. Not sure of what Home Inspection services you need or you do not see a service on here?

Just give us a call or text us at (518) 649-9111. 

If you have a Chimney and or Sewer Scope you may want to take advantage of our packages that offer 

the sewer scope inspection and chimney cleaning/inspection services.

*Sewer Scope Inspection packages are provided below. Sewer Scope Inspections identify cracks, displacements and or offsets within the main drain that may not be detected from running the plumbing system at the inspection. The main drain runs between your foundation wall and the city main tap or septic tank. Excavating and replacing a main drain can be costly.

*Chimney sweep and chimney inspection package includes chimney cleaning along with an interior level 2 chimney inspection. We look for signs of cracking and or damage to the interior liner of the chimney. Replacement cost of a chimney liner can be costly

Operating a Chimney with a compromised liner can lead to fires.

To add any additional services please either book the package or when booking just add the service you want as a note and we can adjust pricing accordingly or simply call us at 518-649-9111

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