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Well Shocking & Disinfecting

When bacteria contamination is discovered during a well quality test “shocking” is performed to eliminate bacterial contamination that is currently within the system. The disinfecting or shocking process will eliminate the bacterial contamination that is present at the time the shocking is performed. The disinfecting of a well will not eliminate new bacterial contamination that leaks into the system at a later time. Any time a well system is exposed to bacterial contamination the well system should be shocked and disinfected. This can include but not limit the repair, replacement or alteration of softeners, filters or replacing pipes, pumps or other plumbing components. It is utmost important to make sure the construction of the well and plumbing system as a whole does not introduce new contaminants. New contaminants that may be introduced to a well system AFTER disinfecting or shocking is performed by your local specialist include but not limit soils, animals, acute flooding and or water run off that cross contaminated the well water, insects and many other variables.

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To properly disinfect the well water system the well water that contains bacteria must have direct integration and remain integrated with the disinfecting solution of an appropriate strength for a minimum amount of time. After the shocking is performed on a well a followup test should be performed. If the second water quality test shows the presence of coliform bacteria, which is an indication of the quality of the water supply, this is evidence that the disinfection process was not properly performed or there is a problem somewhere in the water system or aquifer. The disinfection process can be performed again just in case the first well disinfection process was not performed correctly. If multiple disinfectant procedures performed and well quality tests are returning positive results for bacterial it may be time to consider calling in well experts to install an ultraviolet light disinfection system to treat the well.

In conclusion well disinfecting and shocking should be a incorporated into your maintenance check list ever 3-5 years, whenever you have a positive test for bacteria and or you have changed a plumbing component that may have introduced bacteria. If you are looking to test your well for bacteria, need a well shock or well disinfecting and a re-test or just think its time to disinfect your well give us a call today. Shield Guard Home Inspections provides well testing/quality and disinfecting services throughout upstate New York. Surrounding Areas including but not limited to: Albany County, Saratoga County, Rensselaer County, Columbia County, Greene County, Schoharie County, Fulton County and more!

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