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Causes of wood sap on attic beams

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During the really hot months of the year the temperature in your attic increases drastically. When wood is exposed to high heat some issues may occur. So knowing the consequences of high heat and how to prevent it is important for both your wallet and home.

What is attic Ambering

Attic ambering is the process of rafters and or beams in the attic that have sap leak out. Tree sap contains various chemical components that we will not cover here but in relation to saps function a good comparison to compare sap to is blood. When a tree is alive the sap carries nutrients throughout the trees. When a tree is damaged the sap may bleed or leak out.

As the excessive heat enters the attic, over time the beams tend to leak out. If you see golden colored crystals in your attic you have discovered attic ambering.

What does wood sap on rafters look like?

Wood sap on rafters can exist in different forms. Ambering starts with liquid drops leaking out of the beams . The liquid droplets range in color from dark red, amber to different shades of yellow. Over time the sap may harden and crystallize in the shape of a tear drop.