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Clifton Park Radon Results Obtained by Home Inspectors During a Home Inspection

Home Inspection Radon Levels Obtained During a Home Inspection (2021)

Radon testing is an ancillary service that is performed during a home inspection by a licensed home inspector. Typically, homeowners do not randomly perform radon tests. During a real estate transaction, the buyer usually requests a radon test to be performed during the home inspection. Generally, the home inspector will place two radon charcoal canisters in the basement and or first floor to obtain readings. The home inspector will then return to home, pick up the canisters and send them off to a NYS Certified testing lab.

Usually, the lowest floor of a structure is tested during the home inspection. Sometimes if the seller does not consent to install a radon mitigation system if the results turn back elevated, the buyer may instruct the home inspector to test the 1st floor as that will be the floor the occupants will spend most of their time. In simple terms, Pci/L is the measurement of radon within the air. If the results are over 4.0 pCi/L the home inspector will recommend a radon mitigation system to be installed.

Shield Guard Home Inspections obtained data from the local health department to explore the general radon levels within Clifton Park.