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Inspecting the Roof

For years your roof will protect and take care of your home. So why not return the favor? Most major ticket items in relation to the roof can be avoided with a semi yearly inspection that you can do yourself. Just like with any other component of your home, a preventative inspection will help you catch small problems before they become major ones.

If you are afraid of heights like most are don't worry. A simple Roof home inspection from the ground with binoculars will give you enough visual to assist you in making maintenance preventative measures.

Here are a few things to look for. Check out the pictures for a visual.

1.) Rust on the flashing and cracked caulking.

2.) Shingles that are missing, curling, "potato chipping" , loose, blistering or missing granulars.

3.) Worn, split or torn boot caps around the penetrations through the roof.

4.) A bunch of moss throughout the roof that seems to have uplifted some of the shingles. Sometimes minor moss is not a major issue.

Simple Fixes for Roofing Problems

Any free, harmed, or missing shingles ought to be repalced instantly. Check for popped nails that should be pounded back in.