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Common Gutter and Siding Issues Found During A Home Inspection

Do you have a home inspection coming up? Here are some common gutter and siding issues that may be found.

A home inspector should ideally be looking thoroughly at all aspects of the home, both inside and out. Although they will likely spend the majority of the time looking inside and under the house to review everything thoroughly, they should also spend a good deal of time outside where they will inspect the gutters and siding.

If the gutters and/or siding have been neglected, this is asking for trouble. Down the road, you may be facing costly repairs due to water damage and a host of other issues. Here are the most common problems that your home inspector will be on the look out for.

The Gutter

The first and biggest issue found with a house's gutters are improperly pitched or leaking gutters. A gutter should be pitched at about 1/2 inch per 10 feet, going all the way to the end at the downspout. The gutters should be clean and free of leaks at all the seams. A flooded gutter can wick water up and into the roof's decking, causing the wood to rot. A leaky gutter will also leak water downwards into the home's foundation, which can lead to issues with settling and moisture intrusion.