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Does Your New Home Have A Deck? Here’s What To Look Out For.

Not all decks are created equal. In fact, an older or poorly built deck can prove to be a dangerous piece of your property. Here are some key deck defects you’ll want to look out for.

Your home inspector is going to be looking very carefully at any deck that's present on a property you're considering. That's because, in order to be safe and functional, a deck needs to be carefully planned, built, and maintained. Here's a look at the most common defects:

#5 Damaged, Decaying, or Broken Wood

If any wood on the deck's surface is damaged or broken, that's something that needs to be repaired for the aesthetic value and safety of the deck. But, even more so, if the wood is damaged on the guard railing or support structure, that's a serious potential hazard that should ideally be addressed by the seller before you ever move in. Decayed wood usually indicated a moisture problem or improper contact of wood at the concrete surface or because of the grade.

#4 Improper Connec