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What A Property Inspector Is Looking For When Inspecting Your Electrical Panel

Your home inspector has a lot of things to review on their checklist, but do you know exactly what they are looking at when inspecting the electrical panel?

Your house's electrical service can vary in size significantly, and it's going to directly effect how much energy you can use in your house at once. If the home you're looking at has a 200 amp service, for instance, that's a pretty good rating and it means you can run many different appliances at once. On the other hand, if your house has a 60 amp service, you aren't going to have enough power to run your electric stove, hot water heater, and hair dryer all at once. That can lead to a serious issue of convenience that can take away from your home's comfort.

As such, your home inspector is definitely going to be looking at your electrical box. As they do so, they are going to be looking at multiple things. First, they will be checking its service rating so that they can tell you what it is. In order to size the electrical service, the home inspector is going to be looking over the primary components of the electrical distribution system. This means the wire, the conduit, the panel, the meter, and the main breaker all need to be checked.

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