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Everything You Need to Know About Central Humidifiers

Everything You Need to Know About

Central Humidifiers

Humidifiers help increase the humidity in buildings and homes thus creating a desirable amount of moisture in the air. While there are standalone units on the market, which can do this in a single room, central humidifiers are integrated into the plumbing and heating systems of a home, and work much more efficiently.

What is Humidity?

Humidity, or “relative humidity” refers to the amount of water vapor in the air that dissipates without resulting in physical residue. For example, a hot, humid climate will cause you to feel hotter because the air is so saturated that the body’s sweat doesn’t evaporate. On the other hand, in a drier climate, hotter temperatures are more tolerable because the surrounding air promotes the evaporation of sweat.

Research indicates that a “relative humidity” of 45% is ideal for most people. This is where central humidifiers can improve the comfort level indoors.


Additionally, an overabundance of moisture in the home can prompt mold growth or condensation on windows and interior surfaces that can lead to rotting wood and damage to insulation, paint and wallpaper.

However, a local home inspector or home inspection business can evaluate the components of your central humidifier system to ensure everything is working properly.