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Details to Consider Before Buying a House with a Pool

A backyard swimming pool can provide hours of fun and entertainment for family and friends on those hot summer days, and is often on the list of must-haves when searching for a new home. However, before diving in head first, find out why a pool inspection is a worthy investment.

The view of a pristine looking pool is enticing, but could be misleading. Comprised of several intricate moving parts, swimming pools are made up of complex systems that require proper maintenance -- failure to do so could result in unnoticeable issues at first glance.


Fortunately, a pool inspection can provide valuable information on the overall condition. As with most things, normal wear and tear occurs in swimming pools, but without proper installation and ongoing care, costly repairs may be unavoidable. Following is a list of problems that can turn that seemingly relaxing pool into a major headache.

Pool Surface

Pool surface materials can range from tiling or plaster, to fiberglass or vinyl liners, each requiring some type of ongoing care. When the underlying soil shifts from settling, expanding, or contracting, any of these materials are prone to damage, which may require major repairs. An inspection report will shed light on any potential concerns.

Pool Equipment

There are several pieces of equipment required to keep pool water clean and safe. The equipment pad is the most crucial part, as it controls operations of the filter, pump, and heater. As your home inspector, I will test the equipment to ensure the installation meets code regulations and is working prop