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Home Inspections: Defects found on Troy Ny Brownstones

Brownstones are structures that are unique when compared to your regular 2 x 4 stick-built homes that you typically see around Troy NY. I always enjoy inspecting brownstones in the Troy NY area - as every cluster of brownstones contain their own unique features such as the brownstones located in Troy New York. Additionally, the defects found during the home inspection take a little more critical thinking.

Here are some defects found on Troy NY brownstones when performing a home inspection

General Exterior Terminology

Brownstones at their core are typically made of brick and or stone. The brownstone is a veneer and a kind of sandstone that is attached to the structure core constructed of brick or stone. Brownstones vary in color depending on where it was quarried.

Below are some pictures of defects that come along with purchasing a brownstone.