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Home Inspection Repair Requests A Buyer Should Never Make

Looking to buy a home? The cost of making the repairs a home inspection brings up can quickly drain your budget, but that doesn’t mean you should ask the seller to fit the bill for everything. Here are some repairs you should never ask the seller to make.

#1 Cosmetic Issues

No home is going to be perfect for anyone. That's a simple fact. And, you're quickly going to be pegged as an unreasonable buyer if you ask for the seller to fix cosmetic issues. Maybe the deck needs staining, maybe the paint needs to be touched up, or maybe a cracked tile catches your eye and bothers you a little. But, these aren't the pressing issues you should be asking the seller to address.

Cosmetic issues are things you can handle yourself quickly, cheaply, and to your own liking. Listing them out and requesting the seller to take care of them is just going to make it seem like your nit picking, hard to please, and making their lives difficult. Don't bother!

The seller's agent is always going to discuss your requests with them directly, and they are going to ask one question that will determine whether or not your requests deserve to be addressed: If the house was back on the market, is it reasonable to assume the next buyer would ask for these things too? Cosmetic issues will always get a big "No!"

#2 Anything under $100

Talk about being nit picky. If a seller's agent sees that a buyer is trying to ask for a little things to be addressed--"little things" being items under $100--it's going to seem more like a waste of time than a bargaining opportunity. The minor issues you find that are under a few hundred dollars to repair should generally not be on your request list.