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The Importance of Communicating With Your Home Inspector

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When you hire a home inspector for a professional property assessment, rest assured, they are working in your best interest. Home inspectors are trained to detect underlying issues and analyze the conditions of the home; making you aware of any possible concerns or repairs that you should anticipate.

While some customers opt to leave the home inspector alone for him to do the job on their own, it is actually helpful for you to join them on the inspection. Of course the inspector takes detailed notes and photographs of any findings, however, if you join them, you will receive more value and input during that one on one time for conversation.

There’s no need to be concerned that the inspector will want you to climb on the roof or scuttle through the dark crawlspaces or attic, he will do that solo. However, if you’re available during the process, he will have the opportunity to share specifics with you that will prove beneficial down the road.

Some of these include:

  • Placing priority on the findings

  • Answering your questions about the issues he discovers

  • The most cost-efficient option for resolving a problem

  • The most ideal solution

  • Providing recommendations of vetted local services

Also, through your participation of the inspection, it is likely you’ll be provided with greater detail and shown spot-on areas, that will prove much more informative and helpful to you versus seeing it in writing.

In addition to joining the home inspector, it is vital that the communication between the two of you is effective. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re not clear on something that the inspector shared with you. One of the key benefits of you meeting with the inspector is the back and forth conversation so he can pinpoint details that are not easily communicated in a written report and you can dig deeper to ensure you have clarity on what is being shared with you.

Keep in mind; your inspector is working for you. Whether you are having a routine inspection done for your property or if it involves a real estate transaction, you hired the home inspector and he will in turn be focusing on your best interests.

Furthermore, if you are conducting the home inspection prior to purchasing property, getting that professional opinion will prove invaluable to you. Imagine if at first sight, you felt upon your visual assessment, the property was in good condition only to find that during the walk through with the inspector, it was discovered there were water or wiring issues. During your time of meeting with the inspector you will be given viewpoints on:

  • How the findings effect the property value

  • An approximation of costs that you will incur for repairs should you move forward

  • The potential health or safety hazards related to the problem areas

  • Optimum solutions to resolve the issues

This time that you devote to meet with the home inspector is the perfect opportunity for you to find out pertinent details relating to the property that may not have otherwise been included in the inspection report. Your dialogue with the inspector will better equip you with information that could help you in acquiring the best, most reasonable deal possible in your real estate transaction; and perhaps more importantly help you determine if you want to continue moving forward with the purchase at all.

An inspector will offer you helpful evidence and objective feedback as to recommendations on the property whereas a realtor would possibly offer biased proposals in an effort to finalize the sale.

Should you choose not to attend the Home inspection, the inspector will move forward with the duties you hired him to do, however, you’ll miss out on some potentially crucial details that will help refine your decision of the property. A good inspector will be there to serve you and again, watch out for your best interests.

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The Author Adam Clark is the owner and operator of Shield Guard Home Inspections. Adam Clark is a local Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections Book online Phone: (518) 720-7152


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