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What To Look For In Your Home Inspection Report

May 7, 2018

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4 Things That A Local Home Inspector Can Find That Will Ruin a Home Inspection

March 16, 2018

There are many components of the home that may be found by a local home inspector and ruin a home inspection. Some occur more often than others. Below are 4 of the biggest home inspection defects that may be flagged by your local home inspector. Different regions of New York may have different prevalent issues. The following are more common to be found in Albany NY & greater capital district by a home inspector when performing home inspection.


#1 Home inspection defect that may be discovered by your local home inspector. The Roof.


 Troy NY Home Inspection - Roof

 Albany NY Home Inspection Roof


Roofs come in all shapes and sizes around the capital district.  If you are looking for additional info regarding roofs check out  "A Typical Albany NY Home Inspection - Moisture & Water Edition",  


The roof protects the interior structure of the home. A leaky roof can lead to mold, mildew, electrical issues, wood rot, efflorescence, structural damage and more. Leaks can occur from improper installation, bad flashing, bad design, damaged boots, skylights etc. If a roof has 1 active leak and the roof in general is in good condition you may be in luck. Newer roofs can leak without being totally defective. A small roof repair can solve this issue. In Contrast when a roof has multiple leaks,overall condition is not great and the roof is at the end of its useful - these are the tell tale signs of a shot roof. Homes in the Albany NY (Surrounding  areas) take on harsh winters and many freeze and thaw cycles.  Make sure your local home inspector takes a good look at the exterior and interior of the roof components during a home inspection.



#2 Home inspection defect that may be discovered by your local home inspector. The Heating System.


 Troy NY Home Inspection -  Furnace


 Albany NY Home Inspection - Room Heater



The most common heating systems in the capital district are: Boiler (radiant heat), Forced hot air, electric base board heat and the least common out of them all is the room heater.


New heating systems in the capital district can cost anywhere between $3000 - $7000 to replace. Your local home inspector will make sure the components of you heating system are fully operation and any visible internal components are not damaged during a home inspection. If your local home inspector activates the heat and the heating system does not kick on OR the heating system cannot maintain a reasonable temperature (68 degrees) this may be a concern. Further evaluation from a qualified contractor will be needed to determine the deficiencies in the heating unit. 


#3 Home inspection defect that may be discovered by your local home inspector. Structural




Albany NY Home Inspection - Structural issues



Structural issues come in many forms. Your local home inspector