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Roofing Materials Your Capital District Home Inspector Will Check Into

Your local home inspector is going to take some time to check into the roofing materials of any home you’re looking at purchasing. And, it can have a big impact on your decision.

The material a roof is made from is very important to the structural integrity and durability of the roof. The material is definitely something you and your inspector should consider when looking at a home. Some materials are more common in some areas than in other areas. Certain materials are also seen as ideal for different types of roofs, dependent on the slops and pitches of the roof itself. Others are not so ideal based on the roof's size or shape.

Flat roofs, or roofs with very slight or no slope at all, low slope roofs, and steep slope roofs are the most common types of roofs to be found. Each has different roofing materials that are considered ideal.

Asphalt Shingles

Most commonly found as a residential roofing material, asphalt shingles are often found on steep sloping roofs in the United States. They vary in quality and multiple manufacturers produce them.

Wood Shake

The wood shake shingle is what inspired the modern day asphalt single. Although it looks similar to the lay of an asphalt shingle, wood shingles are generally much thicker. The wood shakes will overlap each other, making up the roof and turning it into something weather proof. The down side? They require a lot of maintenance to stay working and looking like new. The upside is the unique rustic look they can give to a structure. They're very popular on ski chalet style homes.

Slate Shingles

Made from rock, slate shingles are created using sedimentary rock. The rock can be split out into very thin sheets, making it ideal for roofing materials.


Metal is a very popular material to be used on roofs because it is known for being so durable! There are many different kinds of metal roofing systems out there with the metal being used ranging from zing to steel, copper, aluminum, and tin. The type of metal will determine its cost and durability.


Although this is a more expensive material to use on a roof, the traditional clay tile design is the most well known. But, metal, concrete, slate, and other synthetic composites can be used to give the look and feel of a tile roof at a lower price point with better durability. They can withstand cold weather climates when designed correctly.

Membrane Roofing Material

Many types of materials are included in this type of roofing category. In fact, this category continues to grow as technological advancements and findings are made regarding it. Membrane roofing products are usually used on flat roofs, with various brands and variations including modifier bitumen, thermoplastic membranes, pedi, single ply, too, cpe, cpa, npb, and many others. It's what many people call a "rubber roof".

The Author Adam Clark is the owner and operator of Shield Guard Home Inspections. Adam Clark is a local Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections Book online Phone: (518) 720-7152


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