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Modular Homes on the Outskirts of Albany

Modular Homes on the Outskirts of Albany

Oftentimes, modular homes and manufactured homes are considered to be the same, yet there are significant differences. Both offer quality living, but understanding the variations is helpful if you’re planning to make a purchase.

Distinctions Between Manufactured and Modular Homes

One primary difference between modular and manufactured is the foundation in which they are built. Modular homes have a permanent foundation that is built directly on the ground, whereas manufactured homes sit atop a trailer with a steel chassis and wheels.

Typically, the wheels are removed from manufactured homes with the surrounding open areas covered with an exterior finish that resembles standard homes. For example, there are manufactured home communities that are made up of singlewide or doublewide trailers that were wheeled onsite and setup. Considering the age of some manufactured homes, there is no denying many of them are build to last. However, many communities will not allow manufactured homes, but will accept modular homes.

Specifications of Modular Homes:

  • Sections of the modular home are pre-built in the factory and shipped to the build site.

  • Modular homes are also known as pre-fabricated or factory-built homes.

  • Just as a traditional home is built onsite atop a foundation, the foundation of a modular home is built directly on the ground, and often can have basements.

  • Once the foundation is complete, construction workers put together the sections of the home and ensure state and local code regulations are followed.

  • Upon completion of the home construction, a home inspector will conduct an evaluation to verify compliance.

  • Modular homes are a popular option for fast community development, including college living spaces and neighborhoods.

  • Modular homes have multiple square footage, layout, and amenity options versus manufactured homes.

Specifications of Manufactured Homes:

  • Manufactured homes do not have basements, as they will remain attached to the steel chassis.

  • Manufactured homes are also referred to as trailers or mobile homes, especially the older models.

  • Exterior finishes are commonly added to manufactured homes to conceal the wheels and steel chassis.

  • State and local zoning restrictions often limit the location options for manufactured homes.

  • Manufactured homes cost less but resale values diminish drastically.

When purchasing a newly built modular home, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with area restrictions and requirements including square footage specifications and property line clearance. Another important aspect to consider is the resale value of modular homes versus manufactured homes, with modular homes holding their value much better.

Modular home communities are extremely popular and offer many of the same design options as traditionally built homes provide, including fireplaces, sunrooms, and basements. If you’re a home buyer in the Albany area, check out the modular homes located on the outskirts of Albany, New York.

The Author Adam Clark is the owner and operator of Shield Guard Home Inspections. Adam Clark is a local Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections Book online Phone: (518) 720-7152


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