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The Albany Skyway Project

The Albany Skyway Project

The Albany Skyway Project received additional funding at the beginning of 2019. The plans for this “linear park” will offer an array of opportunities and the public is encouraged to consider how they can benefit from the new construction.

The Mayor of Albany, Kathy Sheehan views it as a great way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to advance their organizations. The Skyway project will focus on community and provide activities, programs, entertainment, and venues for local artisans to display their unique creations.

Construction will involve rerouting roadways and connecting the downtown area with the Corning Preserve, which will create more traffic and easier access between the riverfront and city limits. Funding for the “linear park” construction along with received grant funds designated for downtown revitalization will help to expand business and increase trade.

In addition to the Skyway Project, other plans are underway according to recent investment announcements, which include upgrades to the Palace Theatre, relocation of the Capital Repertory Theater, and building improvements along Broadway.

While Mayor Sheehan has been questioned about the priority being placed on the Skyway Project, following recent damaging storms, she explained that the park would provide long overdue improvements to the infrastructure of Albany and open the door for much needed growth, by attracting new businesses, forming new job opportunities and increasing overall revenue for the area.

Sheehan also reminded residents that grant money is designated for specific projects and the $3.1 million awarded by the Department of Transportation must go towards reducing the city’s carbon footprint. She went on to point out that there multiple projects underway and in addition to community project funding, they are also pursuing grants that will fund water issues.

The Skyway Project is an extraordinary opportunity for expansion in various ways. As long as the city focuses on resolving current issues as well as planning for the future, Albany will thrive today and five years from now.

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