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When is a architect required? Your clients may be asking....

When Should you Hire an Architect? You may be asking yourself… “When Should I hire an Architect” or “When is an Architect required?” Utilize these tips to discover if counseling an architect/designer is the correct decision for you. Keep in mind most states require a designer aka architect/engineer to hold a state license. A new construction, rehab or repair venture can be mind boggling, which may call for you to hire an Architect. Drawing up plans for your DIY rehab without any professional advice, or knowing which divider wall you can take out for a kitchen redesign, is ordinarily outside the extent of most DIY remodelers. The very idea of hiring an architect is to get a professional who has the training, abilities, and knowledge that the normal individual might not have. Architectural undertakings are best left to an expert.

Most jurisdictions building departments require you to hire an architect or engineer when a wall is being removed to confirm it is not load bearing. Nonetheless, there are a few reasons you may consider handling the design of your project on your own, especially if you have some experience or training in the related field. When arranging your project, consider whether the extent of your venture is outside your ability set. When to DIY Individuals who appreciate to DIY and can’t bear the cost of a designer and who have access to software that allows for them to plan out certain finishes and design layouts may be ready to take the job on their own. These programs allow the homeowner to choose colors, designs and materials from a bank of pictures, shading swatches, siding and windows. offers a free deck design tool that allows you input the height, length & width of the deck, select from a bunch of materials and produces a report along with 3D drawings. Before you start your building venture all alone ask yourself a few questions… Questions to ask yourself. Do you have time and tolerance that you can focus on your venture? Do you have access to tools? Do you have someone who is a contractor to ask for some pointers? Are you confident in your budget? Are you familiar with local building codes? I believe the biggest question of them all is. IS IT WORTH YOUR TIME! That is more of a personal question that requires you to crunch some numbers. How much do you make per hour at your primary job? Will a few hours of overtime save you a headache of trying to do the project yourself? Some projects you should not think twice about hiring a licensed designer! Here is a list of some projects/repairs you may want hire an Architect. New Home or Structure Foundation Repairs or new foundation Removal of walls (Unless you are 100% sure it is not load bearing!) 2 Story decks Additions Garages Complete gut job Severe structural repairs that include walls, decks, roofs Fire Escapes * This is not a full list. If you have a project or repair in question please call a designer to evaluate. At what point do you hire an architect? In the event that you are anticipating building a home from scratch, significantly remodeling or tearing down your present home, don’t have a specialty for design then it’s a great idea to bring in an expert. Most jurisdictions will REQUIRE a designers stamped plans for new homes. Your licensed designer can deal with all phases of construction with your new home construction, home expansion, remodel and or complicated or structural repairs. Make sure you have a signed contract with your designer to ensure that your venture runs smooth, while maintaining your arranged spending plan and schedule. A few reasons you would need to procure licensed designer are: Expert Knowledge & Advice Many people contract a designer for their abundance of knowledge, training and information about structural support and architectural style, local, state & federal building codes. Designing firms have associations with site surveyors, engineers, acoustical specialists, and other gifted experts that your venture may require. Their comprehension of how the interior fit inside the home is an excellent reason within itself to hire a designer. Floor Plans, Footprint and Flow You may invest energy drawing up your own plans, and it might look awesome on paper; however, unforeseen challenges may remain between your design and its existence. Designers will maximize the square footage of your home. They also are knowledgeable about many issues you or your contractor friend may not think about. Ventilation for rooms that require specific window sizing may be something you look over. Or the required “glazing area” aka window glass that may be needed to let sufficient sunlight in to meet building code. Sizing of joists, posts and support beams. Depending on how many trades are involved in your project the building code law that can be involved can range from 10 pages – 1000 pages. When considering to hire an architect to assist you with a remodeling project you should take into consideration some personal factors such as: your resources, tools, time, money, knowledge, accesses to expert advice. It doesn’t hurt to start with a small DIY. Starting small will help you learn how to use the tools and gauge your confidence in utilizing them. Thank you for reading my blogs. If you have any questions shoot me an email or visit my website for

If you need a designer and cannot find one give us a call! We will recommend a designer that fits the project you had in mind!

-Shield Guard Home Inspections


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