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Why Home Buyers Should Get a Pool Inspection

A swimming pool in the backyard can provide the perfect setting for making great memories for family and friends, which is why it’s a must-have for many home buyers. Just as the tour of a home offers the opportunity to imagine it with personal furnishings and décor, having a private pool sparks visions of watching kids play while the adults enjoy gathering poolside.

However, just as a home may look perfect to the untrained eye, so can a swimming pool. From the filtration system and pool lining to the tiles and surrounding walkways, there are several details that only a home inspector will know what to check.

So, before signing the paperwork, consider both a traditional home inspection and pool inspection. Paying for this service upfront could prevent unpleasant and costly surprises down the road.

What a Professional Pool Inspection Includes

Swimming pools are made up of a series of complex equipment including filters, plumbing and electrical equipment, and sometimes heaters. In addition to the mechanical aspects are the ladders, tile, grout, and handrails.

While the inspector won’t focus on cleaning equipment and general maintenance accessories such as nets, vacuums, or brushes, the following items will be reviewed during a pool inspection.