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Albany Chimney Inspections.


Albany Chimneys offers inspection services for Albany and Saratoga, NY, and surrounding areas. Unlike other inspection companies that also offer repairs or recommend referral fee-based services, Albany Chimney inspectors are laser-focused when it comes to inspecting chimneys.

These multi-faceted companies often over-charge and are undoubtedly motivated to find problems that will fatten their wallets. At Albany Chimneys our sole purpose is to perform thorough chimney and fireplace inspections for our clients. Upon the completion of such inspections, we provide detailed factual reports geared towards the safety of your home. When you choose us for your chimney inspection, we’ll happily answer any questions you have regarding ongoing maintenance or applicable repairs so you can make informed decisions.

Why a Chimney Inspection is Important

Ideally, a chimney inspection should be performed on an annual basis. While a chimney is built to withstand extreme heat and last several years, there are several factors that cause damage and danger.

For example, if the exterior cap of a chimney isn’t properly protected, it can become blocked by leaves and debris, or small animals may decide to build a nest. Likewise, over time creosote builds up in the chimney flue, hindering proper ventilation and increasing the risk of a smoke-filled house, carbon monoxide poisoning, or even a house fire.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of American and the National Fire Protection Association, thousands of house fires occur annually because of chimney issues that could have been eliminated with routine inspections, repairs, and maintenance.

Contact Chimney Inspections

During a routine chimney inspection, we will visually assess the exterior and interior of the chimney and fireplace system. Our highly skilled inspectors know how to identify issues not easily seen by the naked eye or even the avid do-it-yourselfer. We’re also equipped with the most advanced technology and tools, including diagnostic equipment and video cameras that enable us to inspect the deepest interior sections of a chimney flue.

Well-informed of the local codes, manufacturer recommendations, and repair/replacement options, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that provides specifics on potential issues along with photos so you can make the final decision. Our chimney inspectors are good neighbors who you can trust and rely on for honest information. Reach out to us today to make an appointment!

Adam C Clark

Owner & Operator,

Shield Guard Home Inspections LLC

45 Parkwood St Albany NY, 12208

Cell: 518-649-9111

NYS LICENSE #16000091657

NYS MOLD # 0321


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