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Rensselaer Radon Results Obtained by Home Inspectors During a Home Inspection

During a Rensselaer home inspection, you may request the home inspector to perform a radon test. In a nutshell radon is an odorless cancer-causing gas that when exposed to over a long period of time can contribute to certain types of cancers. Most buyers, even in our current real estate boom are requesting the very least a radon test be performed on an accepted offer on a property in Rensselaer NY.

According to local health department data (Nov. 2021) – home inspectors found when radon testing the basement of a property located in Rensselaer NY a 50% chance the levels will come back “high”. Radon results that are interpreted to be elevated or high are radon results that are at or above 4.0 pCi/L. The measurement pCi/L in simple terms is the measurement of radon in the air.

AREA TESTED Total Home AVERAGE pci/l 4 pci/l 4 and above below 20 pci/l above 20 pci/l

BASEMENT 189 5.56 126 50 13

1st FLOOR 98 1.42 97 7 0

If are looking for a property within Rensselaer NY and you plan on waiving home inspections, it is in your best interest to plan on testing for radon prior to or right after closing. Simply just call your local home inspector and request a radon test. A home inspector will place 2 charcoal radon canisters in your basement or first floor. The licensed inspector will return within 48-72 hours, collect the testing kit and mail them off to a State certified lab. The results typically return within 2-3 business days.