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Tips for Selecting the Best Firewood for Your Needs.


Whether you’re searching for the best firewood to warm your home in the winter or you’re ready to make use of that outdoor fire pit or wood-fired oven, knowing how to choose the proper firewood is key.

Dry (Seasoned) Wood Is Key

There are many types of wood available. Softer wood burns faster and produces less heat while hardwoods burn slower and hotter. Regardless of what species of wood you choose, in order to get the best fire, it must be dry or seasoned.

If you’re purchasing wood, be prepared to spend more on hardwoods. Why? In addition to these species (hickory, black walnut, ash, and oak) producing the best heat, they also take longer to dry out. In fact, the seasoning process usually takes between six months and two years, depending on how the wood is cut.

Wood that is properly dried will have cracks in it and will be less dense than freshly cut or unseasoned wood. When wood appears wet or green, it will not burn properly. Unseasoned wood will burn inefficiently and produce more smoke. Excessive smoke can cause breathing problems for you and your family as well as present a potential fire hazard because of increased creosote production.

Choosing the Best Firewood that Suits Your Needs

Besides choosing properly seasoned firewood, knowing certain features of the various types of wood will help you decide as well.