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Colonie Radon Results Obtained by Home Inspectors During a Home Inspection

You and your family have been searching for the perfect home or a home you can turn into your forever home. A home located in Colonie NY catches your eye and you submit an offer with your fingers crossed. Your real estate agent advises that you are one of twenty offers! What do you do?

Well in this market (Feb 2021) it is not out of the ordinary to waive the home inspection. If you're lucky you may have hired a home inspector to perform a "walk thru" inspection or a local contractor to come with you during your showing. After all, you now have a peace of mind as you had another set of eyes on the property.

As your waiving the home inspection contingency you see the paragraph in your real estate contract regarding radon testing. Should you at least have a radon test performed if the property is located in Colonie NY?

Let's take a look at the data obtained from a website that gathers data from the local health department for radon results regarding Colonie NY home inspections. In November of 2021, home inspectors that performed radon testing on a home located in the Colonie NY jurisdiction discovered when testing the basement of these homes approximately 21% of radon results came back above 4.0 pci/l. Pci/l for the most part is the average amount of radon that is in the air over a period of time. A radon reading 4.0 pci/l and above is considered high, and your local Colonie NY home inspector should recommend a radon mitigation system to be installed.

Colonie NY Radon Test

AREA TESTED Total Home AVERAGE pci/l Below 4 pci/l 4 and above 20 pci/l above 20 pci/l

BASEMENT 554 3.56 434 109 11

1st FLOOR 209 1.60 196 10 3

Colonie NY homes with basement have an approximately 1 in 5 chances of containing elevated radon levels. If you are itching to waive your home inspection it would be safe to say it would be a great benefit in your favor to test for radon prior to moving in and budgeting for a radon mitigation system. The cost of installation for a radon mitigation system in Colonie NY is around $1400-$1800. The cost depends on many variables such as air leakage (openings in foundation or slab) in your basement, radon concentration, slab type etc. A consultation with your local Colonie NY home inspector or radon mitigation system prior to moving in after closing is a great idea.

Looking to compare radon results with adjacent cities towns or counties? Take a look at our other blogs that cover Rensselaer NY, Clifton Park NY and subjects such as radon myths and local radon hot spots!

Looking to schedule a radon test? Shield Guard Home Inspections provides radon testing, home inspections, chimney inspections, pool inspections, septic inspections in Colonie NY and entire upstate NY. We are your local premier home inspection company!

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